n i t r a
n i t r a by psion
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FragTastic Rep. 2249
#9   07 Jan 2012
Looks widely spaced
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AEon Rep. 700
#8   22 Sep 2009
Probably the most playable of the GeoComp maps. Though it still does not feel "quite" right, IMO. Theme and design, like all GeoComp entries, are pretty cool.
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not entered unregistered
#7   11 Sep 2003
elholio: i 'bothered' because it was for the infamous GEOCOMP 2 challenge!

- a limit of 12 textures, and the emphasis of the comp was on 'geometry', - i.e. not using detailed textures to create effects, but using complex brushes with plain textures.

But you're right, next map i'll just leave the textures out and you can run around a grey/white grid. Yum. ;)

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elholio unregistered
#6   04 May 2003
Why did the author even bother putting in textures at all, if he was going to use these "blank" blurry textures. Yuck.
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psion unregistered
#5   17 Jun 2002
new site,

<a href="apache.airnet.com.au/~waxx" Target="_BLANK">apache.airnet.com.au</a>

don't follow the link below. :)

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psion unregistered
#4   15 Jun 2002
ty storm.. you're tourney maps kick ass too! (can i say that here?) :)

hey, if you like this you're welcome to take a peek at my turtlemap4 submission. plays in a similar style..

(grab it from my site as a single dl. ;)

<a href="apache.airnet.com.au/~waxx/map7.htm" Target="_BLANK">apache.airnet.com.au</a>

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StormShadow unregistered
#3   13 Jun 2002
In terms of playability, this was one of the best playing maps in the geo comp, great work dude!
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wviperw unregistered
#2   12 Jun 2002
no problem. As for the map being designed for tourney, I really thought it played FFA better. The FFA gameplay adapted to the layout very well IMO.

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psion unregistered
#1   12 Jun 2002
hey.. thanks for the review wvw, glad u liked it. :)

just like to add that it was designed as a duel map, so if you're a tourney fan i suggest you take a look also!

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