n i t r a
n i t r a by psion

Another GeoComp2 level. This one sports a kewl and fresh black and yellow tech theme with pipes running everywhere and a nice skyline. Texture selection and brushwork are both very good and work well together. One thing though, is that there are a few 16-bit z-fighting errors due to improper construction.

The layout seems to be catered to the "gibfest" FFA type game play and does very well at that. Most of the map is very open, making the Rail Gun an important item to have. Play against bots is pretty fun once you get enough players in, but becomes dull with only a few. Also, the bots seemed to congregate in the PG room a little too much.

A solid theme map with equally solid FFA game play.

Reviewed by wviperw

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (34 votes)

Download: n i t r a by psion