NeoLuxor by Jester Spaz

A GeoComp2 level. The author has chosen to use the standard iD textures to create a nice dull brownish-tan theme to the map. Brushwork is generally pretty good, but the author seemed to leave a lot of errors in it. Z-fighting abounds in the map. There is a lot of overdraw due to improper building, not using caulk, and not hinting properly. This results in slower performance with r_speeds getting up to above 15k.

One nitpick is that the door entities are not grouped therefore the doors do not open correctly. As far as game play goes, the map is fun for short bursts of FFA. Due to the map being symmetrical, the fun doesn't last quite as long as it could have. Item placement seemed about right though. Bots played with no problems.

Nothing great, but a generally okay map that has some flaws.

Reviewed by wviperw

Ranked: 2.8 out of 5 (3 votes)

Download: NeoLuxor by Jester Spaz