Six Sided Figure
Six Sided Figure by Krash
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raspatan Rep. 4508
#11   27 Sep 2020
Nice visuals but dull gameplay imo.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#10   24 Jun 2019
a good-looking and well-constructed map, especially for its age. due to all the tight awkward areas the lg and pg will dominate. they happen to be close to the armour too. a little bit low on the health for ffa imo
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#9   24 Jan 2012
Looks lots of fun!
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AEon Rep. 770
#8   21 Sep 2009
The review pretty much covers it. At first glance you will say "wow, now this is geometry used to the fullest", with a nice texture theme. Trouble with this level of consistency and perfection is the "Selbstähnlichkeit" (meaning, everything seems to look the same), making it really hard to orientate.

Personally, I would have preferred less stairs and "corridors" and more areas to actually combat in. The stairs are large enough when you run them solo, but once you start to fight the bots they actually get quite "narrow" - and since the stairs are a large part of the map, this happens all the time.

Still, a very nice map, that you should at least look at for geometry-related inspiration.

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Krash unregistered
#7   21 Jun 2002
Yeah, thanks for the review, dude.

Obviously it doesn't compare to H2SO4, but not many things do =P

Six Sided Figure seems to be a bit of a love or hate map - People can appreciate the effort I put in making sure there were no glitches. (You wouldn't believe how much trouble I had getting those light textures algined...)

As far as gameplay goes though, some people love it (dolo at dteam kept sending me messages on ICQ raving about how much he loved it), whereas other people seem to think the gameplay is atrocious (like that guy revok down there... I just wish he'd qualified his comment... but the is LvL, so what should I expect?)

Anyway, to each his own. The map is out there for people to enjoy, or not.

  • Krash
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wviperw unregistered
#6   19 Jun 2002
Krash, I was wondering where you were at! :) As for my review, I really thought it was a great map. Gameplay was just different than normal, thats all. And some people might not like it because they can't handle "different." As far as the theme goes though, it is really quite sweet. Sure, its not like H2S04, but its not trying to be like that map. It has its own uniqueness to it that is awesome.

I really don't know why the comments aren't too goo though. :)

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Krash unregistered
#5   19 Jun 2002
Wow, I completely forgot I'd posted this to lvl.

I'm somewhat disappointed with the review and comments, but that was somewhat expected. I created this one as an exercise in detail and construction, whereas H2SO4 was made specifically for people to drool over - even though it was very average gameplay wise.

Personally, I really like the gameplay in this map - there's alot of different styles available, and the action shifts around the map alot.

Thanks for the comments all, but you'll excuse me if I think you're wrong =]

  • Krash
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RedDot unregistered
#4   14 Jun 2002
Well, it's nice but just about an average. IMHO: you can't compare this one to the "one and only" H2SO4 with its unique feeling. Teleporter's texture (shader) is out of place. 6/10 from me.
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dezperado unregistered
#3   13 Jun 2002
the gameplay is chaotically fast... <i like it!>

..good vis-ed map, considering a lot of brushes ..

..but i didn't like much the lightning, i prefer more shadowing, for contrast.

i give 8/10 but i intended 7.5/10


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Quint unregistered
#2   13 Jun 2002
Cool atmosphere, lighting is level, nice brushwork and technically very well done... the only gripe I have is that there isn't anything creative in this level, but it's just my humble point of view :) 7/10 for me.

Good work krash!

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revok unregistered
#1   12 Jun 2002
A very nice done map with many brushes. But the gameplay is so baaaad.
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