Neorganic Epiphany
Neorganic Epiphany by Dubbilan
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#22   18 Oct 2020
Wow, what a superb design. Gameplay is great. It just lacks that extreme fastness of other maps. A teleport would have aided on that regard. In any case, top map here!
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megamind unregistered
#21   20 Aug 2019
This reminds me of Halo
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#20   07 Jan 2012
This looks like Magic Caves from Spyro.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#19   15 Jul 2011
This vaguely reminds me of the Planet Kamino's clone facility from Star Wars.
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Pasquake Rep. 90
#18   06 Mar 2011
i <3 the colors of that map <3 map too is very good :D
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AEon Rep. 760
#17   21 Sep 2009
I was thinking, so this is how my AEneon would look (Tron theme), when you really went all-out on organic patch design. Very cool. My deepest respect for the creative use of patches.

Alas, I simply cannot get much enjoyment out of the corridor layout in the map, gameflow seems to be too "artificial" and "random", IMO... maybe I am just too used to "simple" layouts.

Anyone wanting to get creative with patches, check out this map.

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RadMonkey unregistered
#16   29 Jan 2003
I gave this map a 9. The stark, futuristic architecutre is beautifully executed, as is the lighting. The creepy soundtrack adds nicely to the good, in contrast to the reviewer -- bots rarely if ever cratered (this was on HMP level -- they might act differently on different difficulty levels?). With more than the two bots, it might be possible to camp up top and lob grenades down for easy frags. This map is a winner -- original, beautiful, and playable.
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Roadkill unregistered
#15   19 Jun 2002
Nice map, colorful!
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Dubbilan unregistered
#14   18 Jun 2002
Thanks for the nice comments!

And, actually, I get 60-90 fps on my T-bird 1Ghz with a GeForce 2, no problem :D

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not entered unregistered
#13   17 Jun 2002
a beautiful and truly original creation.


Just to let you know, If you have a P4 1.7Ghz and Geforce 3 you can get 60-90 fps no problem.

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rokscott unregistered
#12   17 Jun 2002
very original and very nice.

a nine from me.

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Dubbilan unregistered
#11   14 Jun 2002
At one point I started making clipping brushes, but I soon discovered that what my testers had found as curve jumping only works because of the amorf surface structure...

If I clipped it normally that wouldn't work anymore, and THat is fun... :)

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dezperado unregistered
#10   14 Jun 2002
well, one only thing : this map would play better with a better clip brush placement, to avoid getting stuck.. ok..

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VisionThing/<SuX0r> unregistered
#9   14 Jun 2002
Oh yeah, in the process of changing name :-/. I'm not two people (or one person who thinks he's two people :p).
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VisionThing/<SuX0r> unregistered
#8   14 Jun 2002
Nice looking map! Couldn't really play it as I'm in serious need of a cpu upgrade but the design and texturing is great :).
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Techx unregistered
#7   13 Jun 2002
very nice map dub! Made my old vidcard stuggle a bit but I love the atmosphere/lighting and gj on the mesh work, it doesn't look very easy, heh :)
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xfoo unregistered
#6   13 Jun 2002
One of my top 3 picks from the GeoComp2.
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StormShadow unregistered
#5   13 Jun 2002
One of the coolest geocomp maps - cept for the framerate thing :P

Really sweet map, dl it for the patchwork alone.

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Dubbilan unregistered
#4   13 Jun 2002
Thanks guys!!

When I released it I was very concerned if people would like it at all! The few that tried it before release loved it, but just the colour scheme scared even myself a little... ;)

But it seemed to turn out just fine. Nice review and very nice comments! :) This is what makes a guy want to map more... 8)

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dezperado unregistered
#3   13 Jun 2002
psychedelic 8)
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K-Dogg unregistered
#2   13 Jun 2002
GET THIS!!! It's nothing short of an absolute masterpiece. If you try it, you'll love it. Guaranteed. As Papri-K said, lower the geometry, it doesn't matter! Congratulations Dubbilan. You deserve it.
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*papri-K* unregistered
#1   13 Jun 2002
Nice review.

When this map was released at the Geocomp, I was very surprised that it did not get any price. This map stands out and after the many years I've spent downloading pk3s, I can tell you that this is one to remember and keep on your HD. To play it at decent rates, I lower the geometry and use vertex instead of lighting, which does not affect too much the look of the map in this case.

An incredible creation.

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