Scorchio by viper

This is pretty much your standard Box Map. You start the level with a Rocket Launcher and armor. This gives the map a RA3 feel to it. The architecture, whilst not ground breaking looks fairly nice. Importantly this architecture is enough to look reasonable without hurting the frame rate. The lava texture is only used as decoration and does not weaken the player.

The game play is very repetitive, what else can happen in a box?. One interesting feature is included in the pk3, a config for OSP. This enhances the map a little with the use of the OSP mod. Although not really making huge changes I find this a nice addition.

As for the bots, like any arena level they very quickly find themselves at home in here. They do tend to get themselves caught up on the edge of the main platform. The author has noted this in the readme. Maybe some clipping could have been in order?

The added config provides just enough variation to make it a little more fun after the first play.

Reviewed by sTiVen

Ranked: 1.2 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: Scorchio by viper