ColdwarCTF by sedric

A pretty nice looking level featuring two bases battling for control of the Arctic. ColdwarCTF is not without its share of problems. The two bases are not symmetrical, this can make for an interesting map, but in this case it just upsets the balance.

One flag route is much shorter than the others, and only red players can spawn there, so it is almost impossible for the blues to control. Ammo box "doubling" (two of same type together) is frequent, which creats more problems.

Still, the map will hold up for a round or two. Bots play as well as can be expected for CTF.

Serious balance issues but still one for CTF lovers.

-Reviewed by Octovus

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (38 votes)

Download: ColdwarCTF by sedric