Q3 High and WaReHoUsE x2
Q3 High and WaReHoUsE x2 by RivrStyx

MatchMod CTF can be lots of fun. This two level pack contains a high school level, complete with loud thunder, rain, burning cars and a basket ball court - gameplay is a little strange at first, but it soon becomes easy once you learn your way around. The other map is based on q2dm8 (Warehouse from Quake2) the map has been mirrored and slightly changed to make it CTF. Both maps are a little disorientating as to which base you are in and and how to get to the other. Bot play is a little strange with MatchMod CTF as they don't always spawn correctly (or did I miss something?).

Fun for a bit, but that could be the mod, not the maps. Grab MatchMod right here (link is now dead and has been removed).

Ranked: 2.6 out of 5 (21 votes)

Download: Q3 High and WaReHoUsE x2 by RivrStyx