AltarBeta by 79DieselRabbit

A crimson sky tops a sinister little Space map. The organic terrain and flowing formations make a great change of scenery.

Texturing is good on the features but gets a little repetitive on the more open ground. Lighting is flooded with crimson, it could be a little more neutral.

Game play can be a lot of fun for a few rounds. The weapons are Shot Gun, Rocket and Rail Gun, with Rail Gun exchanges high on the list. Bouncing from the top altar section down to the Rail Gun can be a lot of fun. The few little secrets are a nice touch. Bots play OK, but they are a little predictable.

Good for a change of scenery.

Alternative version: There is also a version which contains a music track, but is otherwise the same.

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (22 votes)

Download: AltarBeta by 79DieselRabbit