Desert Temple
Desert Temple by LordSquart

A remake of a Serious Sam map. A desert level set in ancient Egypt, with a gripping atmosphere, new models, textures and a very nice skybox. With all the eye candy r_speeds peak at over 17,000, enough to cripple even beefier systems. Fortunately LordSquart has also provided a lower r_speeds version of the map which should yield more reasonable frame rates (Grab it here).

The item placement could have been better, its too easy to camp the Rail Gun with plenty of health and armour in the vicinity. That said, the abundance of ammo and weapons facilitates large fun FFA games. Even though the layout was symmetrical, it was surprisingly good and well connected with launchers and tunnels. Secret rooms, and drop down trapdoors add to the map's atmosphere. The bot play was average, there is a Quad that the bots go for with passion, but the bots pass on the MegaHealth and regen.

An atmospheric map, which would feel more polished with slightly better item placement.

Reviewed by Eeatha

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (83 votes)

Download: Desert Temple by LordSquart