Heads Down
Heads Down by Castle

A Gothic map which might take some back to the original Quake DM maps. Lava pits, high ceilings, plenty of curves, and ledges that will allow you to reach most levels from your current position. r_speeds peaked below 10,000 with an even lower average which should be playable most systems that can run Quake 3. The layout has three main levels, which are well connected with jump pads, teleports, and ledges. The item placement forces players to keep moving in tight circles across all the levels. The Quad is reachable via a strafe jump, or the use of a triggered bridge. The bot play is ok, but Sarge in particular doesn't go for the MegaHealth, even though other bots often will. It may be worth trying a different bot for more competitive play.

A decent map from Castle with good focus on game play.

Reviewed by Eeatha

Ranked: 2.8 out of 5 (7 votes)

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