Heads Down
Heads Down by Castle
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Kurdt unregistered
#4   22 Sep 2001
A good, solid map. Nothing spectacular, but the gameplay was fine. I gave it a 5 because it didn't move me. The standard for custom maps has risen lately, and I need something that blows my hair back to keep it on my HD. I need both eye candy AND excellent gameplay. This one delivers, but just barely. I give it a 10, but took off 3 because it didn't move me....at no point in this map did my jaw ever hit the floor.
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Eeatha unregistered
#3   08 Sep 2001
I stopped paying attention to the quad thing in tourney because most people I play just know not to get it :-).

If you like Castle's work and maps you should have a look at some of his new maps, specially for the mod he is currently working on.

Now that you mention it Octovus the item placement could have been revised a little, but I don't really think that this level is suitable for 3 FFA, its barley big enough for tourney :-)

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Octovus unregistered
#2   08 Sep 2001
Yes, I agree with the comment Castle made (mostly). Do to the inclusion of the quad, I really suggest this as a 3 player FFA map; for one thing, if you play this as tourney and your opponent is clever, they may just let you get the Quad, and then either bounce you into the lava on the way out or kill you and grab it for themselves. The broken floor over the lava only adds to this "problem" :-.

As usual from Castle, Heads Down is great looking; I'd love to see his maps applied to an SP effort. Gameplay is mostly nice, with the two rls and the spread out armor helping to move everyone around. It was a bit easy to get the RA and MH in quick sucession.

An 8 from me.


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Castle unregistered
#1   08 Sep 2001
This is a fun map with good game play and bad technical design. hehe

It was a one week project also. Sometimes levels that are made faster with a good lay out in mind are just generaly more fun to play I suppose.
Although now I know that quad should have no place in a tourney map.. but hey I was still learning alot the time I made this one.

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