MaXimus by LordSquart & Jax_Gator

Big, bold architecture, nice use of Pete Parisi's BadMeat textures without being over the top and good details. This maps gets off to a good start. The layout is not too complex and fairly well connected but some parts of the level do not see much action, even in a six player FFA.

The focus of the level is the Quad/RL/SG room with many exchanges taking place across the valley. Small detours to the 100Health, RG or Red Armour will lead you back to the action. A small nit-pick is that the entire level seems like it has been scaled up 50%.

Game play is enjoyable with 4-6 players. Bots play ok but do not stray for the RG or Quad. As a bonus, there are two music packs available with an industrial/metal flavour.

Well worth a few rounds and may stay around even longer.

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (58 votes)

Download: MaXimus by LordSquart & Jax_Gator