Beneath A Distant Sun
by pjw
Beneath A Distant Sun by pjw

When you play a level such as this one, you are reminded that it has been too long since id Software has released a single player game. pjw even includes a story line for this bizarre looking arena. The textures in the outside of the map can even be painful at times, so players are happy to stay in the inner areas that host a regeneration pool and the Red Armor. The architecture of the level is interesting as it provides visual effect in some areas and CPMA trick jumps in others. The connectivity is generally good, but the winding paths slow down the game considerably, a style more typical of single player maps. The items are distributed reasonably well, but the regen pool kills the Tourney playability of the map. The bots do okay.

The FFA is different in a good way, but it does not make for a lasting Deathmatch experience. Try the level for a while...

Reviewed by Pure Imaginary

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (36 votes)

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