Frozen Colors
Frozen Colors by 79DieselRabbit

This map by 79Dieselrabbit can best be described as a terrain/floater map. The medium sized CTF map is set on a iceberg floating at sea. A mix of ice and stone towers with water sounds makes for a simple aesthetic that looks nice and works well. Good color coding allows you to know just whose territory you are in, however the game play is what shines.

The map has a quick moving feel to it with simple multiple paths that lead to the flags. A small no mans land makes for good stand up firefights with a MH close by. Two sets of snipers nests for each side allow you to protect the flag base and harass the no mans land. However camping will rapidly get you shot because to snipe you have to expose yourself to the ground below and the nests across the way.

The map supports CTF, FFA and DM along with full TA and Threewave support. Weapon placement is fine. You spawn with a Shot Gun, the rest of the weapons change a little bit depending on game type. All maps have a PG, Rl. and a RG. A Gl can be found in vanilla quake and a Prox launcher is substituted in TA. Items are pretty light, a few small and medium health balls and some shards along the paths. A YA can be found in each sides base. Powerups also depend on what game type your playing. All styles have a MH that spawns in three different places in no mans land. Q3A has a Regen and a Haste. TA replaces these with a Guard, a Doubler and an INV. Ammo placement is great for game flow being well scattered about the map.

All the modes of TA play just fine. Harvester is great fun and so is overload. I still have not loaded up Threewave so you will have to judge it yourselves.

Bot play is just fine they attack and defend well. They path the map great using all approaches to grab flags or deliver skulls. FFA comes with about nine of them all with murder in their cold little silicon hearts. Hey! they will even take out the skull in overload if you don't watch them close! This is 79Dieselrabbits first CTF map and it is a fine fast playing, very versatile, fun map.

Stark good looks, and lighting fast game play. I'm going to keep it.

Reviewed by Meatboy Dogfood

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (42 votes)

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