Frozen Colors
Frozen Colors by 79DieselRabbit
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Emma Indoril Rep. 159
#22   08 Oct 2020
Great map, very fun. Fast gameplay, good opportinity to lure the players.
I 've had a lot of fun in this map, thanks you !
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#21   21 Jul 2020
Very fun but only with humans (bots get stuck with the flag). The best thing is to skip going through the middle valley by strafing when jumping to get the railgun. Without this, the gameplay would be much reduced. Atmosphere is great.
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Colton Rep. 349
#20   30 May 2016
I think it'd play just as good in either Q3A or Q3TA.
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Stick Man unregistered
#19   25 Dec 2012
i gave it a try in TA (finally lol) and played 10 times better. i would give a 9
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Stick Man unregistered
#18   18 Dec 2012
i played this in vanilla Q3, cant wait to play in TA! but after i buy full version of TEAM ARENA from ebay.
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Kyall Rep. 407
#17   11 Mar 2012
This is a very good map. Awesome textures, skybox seems to match the map well enough. Bot support is excellent, and has good gameplay for Freeze Tag, with 8 players. Also happens to be one of the awesome 48 maps from the WTF Map Pack. 9/10.
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FragTastic Rep. 2307
#16   08 Feb 2012
Good Ta map :). It's not the best i have played but it's wonderful :). 10/10
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2324
#15   07 Jun 2011
Great Map! Although I would have liked it even more if real water was added.

Oh well. Still is cool. 8/10

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RedOne Rep. 87
#14   02 Nov 2010
Very good map. Unique theme, simple layout. And the simplicity is the point of this map. The fgameplay consists of a few paths to the other base, trhough it gives an unique gameplay. Item placement is good. While it dont have any architecture, its an unique map.
Agree (1) or Disagree (0) unregistered
#13   20 Aug 2008
A perfect CTF map, with lovely graphics and a fast gameplay. Another bonus is a TA support. Def a keeper!
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youfailatlife Rep. 20
#12   01 Mar 2008
Amazingly smooth gameflow with rediculously large oppertunities for bunnyhopping.
Appropriately, I found the most fun with freezetag. \Who woulda thought?
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gor unregistered
#11   13 Sep 2004
again ilove thisfuckin map....thnx
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g0r the crazy hell demon unregistered
#10   13 Sep 2004
Ill be honest, thismap blewme away! I love the winter effect. I love the flow, you have done an excellent job with coloring and texturing.

We love snowmaps do0d! - Team Marl to the boro!

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camillo_roma unregistered
#9   20 Jan 2003
This map is great for 3-4 players !

Enjoy it!

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Palerider unregistered
#8   04 Dec 2002
I remember when this was a beta as well. It really rocks now! The uneven terran makes the bots weave all over the place so they're difficult to hit (nice challange). The only weapon that seems out of place for me is the grenade launcher, other than that, it's great! :)
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Lyta_79 unregistered
#7   19 Nov 2002
Been outa circulation, nice to see that this map is finished.

I love it! It's good for fast

CTF or fast DM. Clans cound use this map to test new members.

Diesel, your map is one of the reasons I play Q3A!

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#6   13 Nov 2002
No problem now with the downloads
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#5   12 Nov 2002
I'm emailing techsupport now. Should (I really hope) just be an error.
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migwell unregistered
#4   12 Nov 2002
Now what the hell is up with File Planet... no 'public servers' but only pay? Get away from these creeps. You would think they made the levels themselves.
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keditok unregistered
#3   11 Nov 2002
fun ctf map
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#2   11 Nov 2002
Hey...I remember this one when it was in beta.

Nice work 79DieselRabbit. Good flow and gameplay and a really nice looking map.

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nitin unregistered
#1   10 Nov 2002
a very very good map, noce work.
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