dk7 by Maniac
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Whatscheiser Rep. 662
#5   17 Jun 2022
biggest problem is that the map has a bunch of missing textures (probably from mapmedia.pk3)

Yeah, looks like blocks18c_3_evilwindow.jpg, ironcrosslt1.blend.jpg, ironcrosslt1.jpg, and baseboard09_b.jpg.

The map is a little plain and given enough time the bots will start to vacation in the pool area. With the port hole in the ceiling just above that, the map actually becomes about shooting fish in a barrel. It is a fast little map though. As it is, its fun for a few warm up rounds but nothing serious.

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*papri-K* unregistered
#4   20 Nov 2002
I had all textures.

I think this map has little "smoothness", making it more like a jump/stop/shoot/jump/stop....

but it is nice to see new ideas.

Klesk plays like sh!t in any map, download the spiterbot mod and get amoused ( -> search ->spiterbot)

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Meatboy Dogfood. unregistered
#3   17 Nov 2002
Strange. I wasn not mossing any map textures on my system. I am pretty merciless about missing textures too, drop more than one and I will petition Tiggur to pull the map from the review queue for the lack of textures.
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pjw unregistered
#2   14 Nov 2002
>>The only flaw with this map is the ammo placement.

Well, no, not really. :) I'm normally not one to bash a map (and this one had a couple of bits I liked--the RA placement for one thing, and the design of that whole broken-down immersed staircase thingie that the RA was under was kinda cool), but biggest problem is that the map has a bunch of missing textures (probably from mapmedia.pk3), was kinda clumsy to move through, lacked a bit in layout (like ExWhyZee pointed out), and was really pretty basic.

I'd like to see what Maniac comes up with in the future, but this one has more than "minor flaws".

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ExWhyZee unregistered
#1   13 Nov 2002
Didn't really enjoy this map very much. Too small, some bits snagged me up at times and the layout seems a bit limited. Also some missing textures.


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