TNK gas station
TNK gas station by Anton

A large chunk of earth, with a gas station and a few taxis floats in the sky. That is the setting for this PainKeep Arena level. The map is essentially an open, space map with a realism theme.

The game play is consistent with the theme in standard Q3A. With the Pain Keep mod, its a lot more fun. The size and openness of the map makes the Rail Gun a weapon of choice. A common problem with realism maps is getting the scale of objects correct. This issue is also present here. The taxis, ladders and other objects are huge compared to the player.

Bots put up a good fight and only have a few minor problems, mostly with the floating chunks of earth. The level has a pretty high visual polygon count, so low end system will have problems.

PainKeep Arena and space map fans should grab this for sure.

Ranked: 4.6 out of 5 (28 votes)

Download: TNK gas station by Anton