TNK gas station
TNK gas station by Anton
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kokoa Rep. 139
#18   17 Sep 2013
I loved it. I think it's ingenious, detailed and well polished.

I must admit that I'm a fan of realism. The problem, if it can be called so, is that realistic maps require a lot of detail, so the designer ends up being austere almost by obligation. The world in which we live is full of small objects and thus the designer need to be smart when choosing what to leave aside.

I've found this design pretty clever; not in a matter of architecture of course, but rather of planning, secrets... and tricks that one can avail while playing. And nevertheless is still a very "simple" map.

A very good map IMO.
Anton, the author, has others that seem interesting too, and I have the intention to explore them all, eventually.
5/5 and worked perfectly well on my OpenArena 0.8.8-5.

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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2020
#17   01 Jul 2012
I love it when bots use the Cans of Pork & Beans, and its funny to try and use it as a weapon!

And if I recall, a bot did get me once that way XD

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Kyall Rep. 252
#16   11 Mar 2012
A very good map. It is realistic, pays good attention to detail and has a nice layout. The skybox suits the map. It is fun with bots or human players. There are some good hiding places, and good ideas (such as the pump refilling your armor). I haven't played this with the PKA mod, but it is still fun with ExcessivePlus, Freeze Tag, or just normal Quake 3 Arena. A good map for 8 players. 9.5/10.
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FragTastic Rep. 1502
#15   18 Feb 2012
Lol a very funny map :). I hardly ever see Gas Stations as a Q3 map.
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g0r the only unregistered
#14   13 Sep 2004
Excellent map, im going to give this map a 9 because of the not so gloomy feeling ofmost voidmaps as said's fun my brother and i enjoyed it. Great attention to detail!
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Anton unregistered
#13   03 Aug 2004
Thanks, Flu (SH, Capt, too!) and others!
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Flu unregistered
#12   03 Aug 2004
I only play painkeep, so I don't know how this level plays in regular quake arena, so my review is based on painkeep, where it's a lot of fun. Nice to play outdoors with big open places for a change, and as always, he manages to bring us really different, creative maps. Great job Anton.
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Anton unregistered
#11   31 Jul 2004
Please, everybody - play this in Painkeep Arena mod.

You'll undestand the map better (and the mod, too!)

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not entered unregistered
#10   31 Jul 2004
Thanks. Now that I got a chance to play the map I must say this is one nifty place, and the pumps are functional, fill er' up please!
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Tig unregistered
#9   31 Jul 2004
The Fileplanet and lvlworld downloads have been corrected.
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Tig unregistered
#8   31 Jul 2004
I found out what the problem is with the download. The file extension says '.zip', however it is really a '.rar'. I'm uploading a new, zip version now, however if you have already downloaded it, just change the file extension to .rar

The reason I did not notice this before is because I use a compression program that reads the file headers, not the file extension (a much smarter way to do things).

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DV8 unregistered
#7   30 Jul 2004
I also get a corrupt file message. :(
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not entered unregistered
#6   30 Jul 2004
Everytime I download it from lvlworld or fileplanet I get a corrupted zip file message.
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The Capt unregistered
#5   30 Jul 2004
This map is great fun. It's nice to see space themed maps that aren't set in a dark void. Like SH says, PKA adds to some excellent game play to this map. Props to Anton for another great map!
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SH unregistered
#4   30 Jul 2004
Another excellent map to play Painkeep Arena on. Probably the best pure deathmatch experience out there. I never understood why the "pro" type mods never had defensive weapons where you can reflect lightning back at the shooter or blow rockets back at him with the airfist. At times PKA is almost a "paper-scissors-rock" confrontation between 2 players sometimes lasting for upwards of a minute. You wont ever see that in all the other offensive only DM mods.

Good job Anton, and also Ancient is an excellent map.

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Tig unregistered
#3   30 Jul 2004
All un-credited reviews are by me and mand0g.
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Anton unregistered
#2   30 Jul 2004
Try this with PKA 3.0

In vanilla you miss out tons of fun stuff.

BTW - who is a reviewer? I just want to say Thank You to him !

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J2KoOl63 unregistered
#1   30 Jul 2004
Looks cool. It is a shame that this map was waiting to be reviewed for such a large time frame but you can't blame anyone. I don't have Pain Keep though. If I get it I will check it out.
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