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TNK gas station
I N F O ------- Title : "TNK gas station" for Painkeep Arena 3.0 URL : http://id-games.narod.ru http://anton.stonks.com Date of release : 30 July 2003 Files in archive : gas-st.pk3 gas-station.txt Author : Anton E-mail : **email removed** Homepages : http://www.shedevr.org/zelda64rus (Zelda64: OoT - russian translation) http://id-games.narod.ru (maps for Doom2, Quake & Quake 3 Arena, mapobjects for Quake3, Q3 mod - "Grazy Fire" (by Kirk Barnes) and some Q3 editing tutorials. http://anton.stonks.com (maps for Painkeep Arena mod only) Description : My PKA map #2. An idea of converting something that I do very often on my job, for Q3 PKA world. I've done a lot of advertising for russian oil company "TNK" and for ukrainian oil company "KLO", so why this is a "TNK"-style gas station (with some "KLO" elements) :) The idea of disappearing land was taken from the movie "Langoliers" and the teleporter style taken from the movie "Phantasm". Game type : free for all / tourney Max players : 2-10 players deathmatch. Bot support : Yes. New textures : A lot of + cool "rapture" skybox by amethyst7 (http://amethyst7.gotdoofed.com) New models : Oak trees by Grim Reaper (**email removed**). Small plants by Nathan Silvers (**email removed**). QkToilet by ... (forgot the author, sorry), retextured by me. Gas pumps by QkennyQ (http://www.planetquake.com/qkennyq)) retextured by me. Oil cistern by me. Known Bugs : FPS may be a bit low in basement, but plays still ok. Base : New map, based on TNK-style gas-stations Editors used : GTK Radiant 1.2.11 & Q3map2 by Ydnar Other Q3A maps by author : Towers of Death - http://id-games.narod.ru Utopia - http://id-games.narod.ru Lava Pit - http://id-games.narod.ru Chemical Arena - http://id-games.narod.ru Skytown - http://id-games.narod.ru Skytown2 - http://id-games.narod.ru (All Q3A maps also available with reviews at www.planetquake.com/lvl) Other Painkeep Arena maps by author : Gravity Lab - http://id-games.narod.ru http://anton.stonks.com Skytown PKA - http://id-games.narod.ru http://anton.stonks.com painkeeped by Sh1thead - http://sh.stonks.com Build Time : Started a year ago, then finished in 3 weeks or so, with long breaks. Compile machine : Celeron 2 Ghz / 256 Mb / GeForce2MX400 64 mb. Compiling time : ~ 20 min (bsp -meta, -vis -fast, -light -fast -filter -super 2) H O W T O P L A Y ------------------------ Unzip gas-st.zip to "/quake3/pkarena3" directory Run Quake 3 Arena, run Painkeep Arena 3.0 mod, at the console type: map gas-st T H A N K S TO: ----------------- Ergodic Flusyndrome Uberstonks Kirk Barnes Alex Petelyak (for testing) To guys from www.groundplan.com message boards To guys from www.quake3world.com/forums id Software (www.idsoftware.com) for Quake Team Evolve (www.team-evolve.com) - for Painkeep Arena www.qeradiant.com - for the editors L E G A L S T U F F -------------------- Distribute this level as you want, but please do not remove this .txt file from the .zip or .pk3 archive. Have fun. :: Anton :: **email removed**
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