..::LvL Q3A - 20 Years
..::LvL Q3A - 20 Years by Various

Quake 3 Arena and ..::LvL Q3A have been running now for 20 years. This pack covers 22 maps released over that time.

After playing a short list of about 150 maps from the more than 2,300 that are currently listed on ..::LvL, one of the hardest things I have done over the last 20 years is picking which releases to include in this pack.

While this limited release of 22 maps will not suit everyone, during play testing, these maps stood out to me.

Included maps

After you have downloaded and extracted the maps, you should find a "lvl-20-years-sp.zip" file. This is a simple Q3A mod that will allow you to play all the maps as a single play tier. Extract the lvl-20-years-sp.zip (with directories enabled) to your main Quake 3 location.

With a bit of support, there should be plenty more years to come.

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Download: ..::LvL Q3A - 20 Years by Various