..::LvL Q3A - 20 Years
..::LvL Q3A - 20 Years by Various
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NecrosiS Rep. 30
#12   19 Dec 2019
Thanks for including my map in the pack.
I'm honored
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RoosTer Rep. 74
#11   16 Dec 2019
Almost all of these maps were already loaded and are my favorites ... great collection
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JLaw Rep. 21
#10   13 Dec 2019
Great selection. At this point it's impossible to make a reasonably-sized comprehensive "best of" pack, but as a fun retrospective and illustration of awesome Q3 mapping this is on point.

And big thanks for putting that little SP-tiers mod in there. It's kind of surprising how nice it really is to get rid of some of the friction involved in playing through a bunch of custom maps.

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Combo Rep. 87
#9   11 Dec 2019
Happy Birthday .:lvl and Q3A! Great map pack.
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fKd Rep. 380
#8   09 Dec 2019
Great site, great maps. Here's to Tig and 20 years of quake 3 goodness!
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6056
#7   09 Dec 2019
Congratulations on 20 years. Here's to another 20 more. I look forward to playing the tiers.
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wales Rep. 16
#6   09 Dec 2019
Yeah I would have to agree w/ jared
However, I saw somewhere on the web there way a guy that put together like 100 quake 3 maps into a single pk3. and I think all of these maps were in it as well. I forgot the name though ;/
Edited 1.25 minutes after the original posting.
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Jared unregistered
#5   09 Dec 2019
Considering so many people have mapped over the years, I was dissapointed that you gave some map makers more than one map on here.
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Hipshot Rep. 256
#4   09 Dec 2019
I was just apprised about this, I'm very honored to have a map in this pack, together with several fellow q3-mappers that I have gotten to know over the years. This might not be the "best played" quake3 maps released, but it's a really good slice of maps over the course of 20 years.

And thanks a lot for keeping this site alive, such a good testament for Q3s varied level design.

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Tetzlaff Rep. 255
#3   09 Dec 2019
Happy birthday LvL! Best Q3A mapping site. Thanks for keeping it alive!
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Foralarx Rep. 618
#2   09 Dec 2019
@Tig and team, Huge congratulations on reaching 20 yrs. Some of the maps in this pack are still in constant rotation on my PC. There are many maps in this release that will always hold a place in my Q3 heart and they will never leave my PC's map rotation. You shouldn't even be reading this, just go play them!!!!
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gooball Rep. 1081
#1   08 Dec 2019
Congratulations ..::LvL! Here's to another 20 years.
This is a great map pack too - many classic Q3A maps here.
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