Shot Through
Shot Through by Gooball
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2581
#5   21 Jan 2021
Looking back at the author's very first submission, "Place of Odd", and then looking at this map, which is an extremely professional, polished, gorgeous, and gameplay-rich map, is nothing short of inspirational, that you almost have to think about whether it's really the same person. Gooball should be very proud of their accomplishment. An excellent CTF map.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2372
#4   28 Feb 2020
@themuffinator: Well, you were gone for almost 6 years. A lot has happened and changed on this site since then.
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themuffinator Rep. 1044
#3   28 Feb 2020
Wowza! Where on earth did this beauty suddenly appear... let alone from Gooball!?

Well constructed geometry, consistant and interesting theme, easy on the eyes.
Seems to play well - good scaling, especially in flag rooms. A bit more verticality in the map would be a good thing. Clipping is an issue here and there but mostly fine. Line of sight works where it matters, but I must disagree with the review and say the lack of rail is a letdown and as it is essentially makes for much easier captures. A single RG in the middle (maybe above RA, accessible via jump-pads?) would have made this a world-class map imo.

Well done Gooball, you're finally getting it right! 4/5

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Foralarx Rep. 688
#2   09 Dec 2019
@gooball. You're very welcome .
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gooball Rep. 1091
#1   08 Dec 2019
Haha, that cursed mapmedia.pk3 still plaguing me even now... I've submitted a fix.
Thanks for the great review by the way!
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