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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1720
#4   28 Feb 2020
@themuffinator: Well, you were gone for almost 6 years. A lot has happened and changed on this site since then.
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themuffinator Rep. 528
#3   28 Feb 2020
Wowza! Where on earth did this beauty suddenly appear... let alone from Gooball!?

Well constructed geometry, consistant and interesting theme, easy on the eyes.
Seems to play well - good scaling, especially in flag rooms. A bit more verticality in the map would be a good thing. Clipping is an issue here and there but mostly fine. Line of sight works where it matters, but I must disagree with the review and say the lack of rail is a letdown and as it is essentially makes for much easier captures. A single RG in the middle (maybe above RA, accessible via jump-pads?) would have made this a world-class map imo.

Well done Gooball, you're finally getting it right! 4/5

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Foralarx Rep. 518
#2   09 Dec 2019
@gooball. You're very welcome .
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gooball Rep. 741
#1   08 Dec 2019
Haha, that cursed mapmedia.pk3 still plaguing me even now... I've submitted a fix.
Thanks for the great review by the way!
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