Shot Through
Shot Through by Gooball

What we have here peeps is a little gem of a CTF map and a very solid release by Gooball.

Decked out to a very high level in the rather excellent Evil Lair's texture set 8 we have a symmetrical base styled map. The architecture here is of an extremely good level and is very easy on the eye with great use of curves. The geometry of the map allows for some nifty little options here and there, that the more advanced player will soon be taking use of.

The map comes fully stacked with the exception of the Rail Gun and BFG, with the Red Armour being the central focus point. The lack of the Rail Gun and power ups does not detract from how good this map plays and the load out suits the size of the map.

Bots play well and use multiple routes to and from the bases but are no real challenge for most veterans these days given the rather dated AI.

It's a just a shame this map didn't come earlier in the life of Q3 because it's a keeper that I'll be adding to my CTF rotation and playing for some time yet. Well worth a download and a round or more. Great work Gooball.

Reviewed by Foralarx

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: Shot Through by Gooball