The Forlorn Hope
The Forlorn Hope by JustOneFiX

The Forlorn Hope by JustOneFix is an excellent mix of game play and convincing medieval visuals that are sure to keep this map on your hard drive.

Situated in a medieval castle, this map exhibits some of the best architecture I've seen in awhile. You'll find imposing towers, cathedral-like windows, and wood support beams that make the environment seem plausible. Lighting is great, and consists of skull mounted torches, and purple pentagram jump-pads. All of this is accented by the game play. The author's included a myriad of jumping possibilities, none of which require you to be a complete master of physics or anything, which is nice for us not-so-hardcore players. Connectivity is definitely there, and you can do a complete circuit of the map in only a few seconds (which is a good thing).

Items are placed thoughtfully with important items tucked away or left exposed from different angles. Unfortunately, bot play leaves much to be desired, however the map is featured in Generations Arena, so finding a server running this map shouldn't be too much of a problem.

The Forlorn Hope is a great map for both 1v1's or 3-5 player FFA's. And with it's sweet looks and game play, I'm calling this one a keeper. Download it!

Reviewed by Kaziganthe.

Patch file for possible conflicts: Whatscheiser has put together a patch file that will correct a possible conflict with the portals on teleports. This conflict issue may be limited to some Quake 3 engines only. A missing sound file is also included. (8th June, 2022)

Ranked: 4.5 out of 5 (30 votes)

Download: The Forlorn Hope by JustOneFiX