The Forlorn Hope
The Forlorn Hope by JustOneFiX
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daux Rep. 44
#14   11 Mar 2023
At first glance this map looked just interesting enough to try it. Playing some duels revealed how well thought out it really is! Every design decision was made with gameplay in mind!

The author explicitly states that weapon respawn is 15 in the readme. That paired with the absence of RG makes the LG a major objective. There are NO ammo boxes for LG and the two RLs. All the ammo you are going to get is either from controlling the weapons or dropped from careless opponents. Also there is very little health on the map and the MH respawn is set to 60!!! You may win a fight, but will you have enough health or LG/RL ammo left to win another or contest the next objective? Restacking being so difficult, the PG, SG and even MG can make for surprisingly effective refrag weapons.

The RA being a potential deathtrap gives the out of control player an opportunity to swing the match in their favour. The awkward to attack MH makes for some interesting encounters since the only higher ground (upper RL) is too far away for LG/RL to be effective. You will most likely need to risk approaching from lower ground or settle for some harassment damage and get another objective.

On top of all the conscious decisions regarding gameplay, the map definitely looks the part! Very moody and consistent with its theme!

Some trickjump opportunities are given, mostly from upper RL, but not necessary to navigate the map efficiently. The one teleporter is simple to wrap your head around. This makes the map very beginner friendly in my eyes.

I can not think of any reason to subtract any points. Not even a tiny nitpick.
Absolute BANGER of a map! Definitely unique feeling gameplay. Makes for very strategic duels even among beginners. Instant favourite within my group! :)) 5/5

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raspatan Rep. 4508
#13   02 Sep 2020
Superb map, which I just got to know now that Tig featured it on the main page (great choice Tig!).
I love the fact that it does not have the RG. The connectivity between areas requires decent jumping skills, like pro maps do. The location of the red armor is cool, as it is a risky venture to get it. Love it!
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Foralarx Rep. 688
#12   17 Aug 2015
This map is a really quite brilliantly laid out. Small details like the little ramparts on the bridge between the rl and mh (there's a brilliant speed jump from up rl to mh ledge using the ramparts if timed right). Then there's the lg ledge (which is amazingly accessible by bots) overlooking the ra (which btw isn't as easy to grab as it first appears). Finally the only tp on the map makes for a great surprise attack for anyone going for the upper rl. In the heat of the battle the jp opposite the teleporter often gets forgotten making for some great "what where'd he go ... ooooh!" moments. A great little gem of a map that really deserves more attention.
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FragTastic Rep. 2333
#11   06 Feb 2012
I've seen this map several times on different sites. it's quite popular on some sites but others quite poor. I played this map before and i thought it was good. Textures are good and gameplay is alright. 9.5/10
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themuffinator Rep. 1044
#10   01 Feb 2012
I've stumbled upon this map from time to time in the downloads tab but thought nothing of it. Now that I've actually given it a try I must say it's incredible.

You can navigate the map pretty quickly at any given time thanks to cleverly designed pathways and lack of obstructions. Almost anywhere you go there's at least 2 other directions you can take, and an assortment of trick jumps to take you anywhere you would normally think you couldn't get directly to. It placement is spot on - I especially like that SG by the tele - perfect for ambushing unwary opponents!

My only gripe are those spikes on top of the RA entrance - damn things get in my way every time! The texture quality could be improved, but everything still looks alright and more importantly the actual texture choice is good and has enough variation to help your perspective but not too much to be distracting.

This map's being added to my list of all-time favorites. It's definitely on par with any given classic duel map. 10/10

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Mattias unregistered
#9   30 Jan 2005
This one's good!
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ALMighty unregistered
#8   21 Jan 2005
Great map!
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rivet unregistered
#7   17 Jan 2005
Awesome. A map that caters for beginners and old dogs alike. Everything I found can be done by a new player, and there are other ways to make use of more practised movement as well. Only bad thing is that sometimes you can't work up any speed without running out of ground. Probably works well in ghe... promode. Nice one JOF!
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J2KoOl63 unregistered
#6   17 Jan 2005
Playing this twisted map is very enjoyable. Very fast gameplay, there will be bots or other players all around you. The lighting and the look of the map is great. The rocket launcher is what everyone wants in this level it seems, because I always found myself blasted down with a rocket launcher. This is a great map that everyone should try.



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not entered unregistered
#5   11 Jan 2005
So far I haven't been able to give it anything actually...medic!!!
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jof unregistered
#4   10 Jan 2005
Leo I'm surprised you didn't give it zero due to the absence of Gary Coleman pics. ;)
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Leone unregistered
#3   10 Jan 2005
Even more jumps/faster movement in Promode. I'd give it an 8....'cause there's not enough plants :-D
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spudford unregistered
#2   09 Jan 2005
A lot of work went into this map and you can see the end result really paid off. Another top class map from me ol' mate JOF. Shame hes not mapping anymore cos hes a natural - Good job mate :)
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OverKill unregistered
#1   09 Jan 2005
Nice very very nice great layout looks good plays good, but no rail gun :-( owell u can't have it all.

Keep up the good work JustOneFix :-)

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