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Full Moon - Team Edition
Full Moon - Team Edition by TymoN
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2344
#3   03 Nov 2010
This is a terrific map, both in construction and gameplay. It plays great, especially in TDM, the gametype it was built for. Id love to see this in Quake Live someday, its an overlooked map and needs more attention than it is currently getting.
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051R15 unregistered
#2   06 Oct 2009
A undeniable improvement over the 1st Full Moon incarnation; better item placement and no banners.

Great game play and atmosphere, definitely an overlooked keeper.

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PLEJ unregistered
#1   23 Feb 2005
Zajebista mapa, nawet fajnie sie ciupa @ CA ;) Gj TymoN

Great map, very playable even @ CA ;)

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