Minor Urgency Scenario
Minor Urgency Scenario by RasputiN
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FragTastic Rep. 2237
#3   01 Sep 2012
Seems like a good map to play in actually. Downloading!..
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Publius unregistered
#2   20 Feb 2005
Excellent, excellent map. The flag room itself is rather cramped, with enough maneuvering room for 2 or 3 people at most, but the pillars and the jump pad ensure variety. Moreover, the base itself is so tightly wound around the flag that combat naturally flows through all the areas uniformly, from the flag room to the red armor. The upper base entrance is a little cute but nicely done, and the quad room is well connected to the rest of the map. Item placement is great, with sparse yet available health, strategically useful armor locations, and weapon placement that favors neither offense nor defense. Downsides include a relatively pedestrian texturing and the aforementioned kill button, which is not particularly useful with any number of players or whether it's pickup or competitive play.

This played really well with human players and I'll be putting it on rotation.

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Myth unregistered
#1   20 Jan 2005
Hey, I really like this map Rasputin, I remember beta testing it ages ago so it's nice to see it here now :)

Good work, very playable.

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