bumboklaat by ROODOG

Bumboklaat is a terrain map, according to the author. It can also be classified to space map in terms of its play style. Theme seems to be a chaotic hell or just chaos.

At first glance this level looks rough, with large scale geometry. It seems the author is confident about his mapping approach and had fun time building it, just a guess, though.

Custom map objects are spread across the whole level. They help the map's hellish theme. Quite a few custom textures are also used. Most appealing is the one on which 3 funky devils are drawn. It's really horrible and worth a look.

Bots play the level fairly well. I had fun time playing with them. I liked the death pit which reminds of unreal tournament 2003. Some places are slow to render because of its open layout.

Download this map then feel the hell, fly on the hell and drool in the hell!

Reviewed by Alexiovecterion

Tigs notes: I had a number of rendering issues when playing this level, mostly related to the large fog volume.

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (9 votes)

Download: bumboklaat by ROODOG