by fKd
Undergod by fKd

There are some mappers you can attach a motto to, and fKd just happens to be one of those individuals. In the show "Ace of Cakes", Duff Goldman says, "Make it bigger, make it badder, make it awesome." That perfectly sums up the creative personality of fKd, and this arena doesn't stray from the description by any means.

"Undergod" is a medium-small, industrial-style map, located in a forlorn futuristic dystopia, with a focus on duels and small FFA / 2v2 TDM. Although not much larger than a typical 1-on-1 arena, there is a massive artificial sense of height and scale, thanks to cleverly implemented scenery and decorations. The premises are fit for titans, but sadly we don't have a "Supersize Me" mode for Quake III - the bulky Tank Jr. is the closest thing you've got. :)

Besides the visuals, gameplay has been provided with equal amounts of consideration. Available are three primary fighting zones, each with their own important items. The showcase section includes the RL below, the GL on the stairs straight above, and a secluded MegaHealth compartment bathed in darkness. Please note that there is a grate that enables players to glance towards the MegaHealth from the walkway above, and toss in some grenades or a well-placed rocket.

Further back is where the YA and the LG can be found. You can reach this area with a teleporter back in the RL room, if you do not wish to waste time strafing back there yourself. The positioning of the YA and LG can make for some hairy situations - you may regret trying to lay a finger on the YA once a shaft user swoops down from the higher platform and turns you into mincemeat. Using the teleporter can minimize this risk, since the act of teleportation, by it's very nature, is a surprise in itself.

Towards the side is perhaps the room you will want to monitor with the utmost attention. Here a RA and the almighty RG lurk where the sky doesn't glare at the ground. A smart gladiator can attempt to control this critical point to gain an edge over the competition. The RG's positioning is questionable in three aspects, however - one, it has height advantage right where it is located, something that typically is not desirable in competitive gameplay. Amplifying that issue even further is the fact that there are no hallways, teleporter destinations, or anything else connecting the RG platform, resulting in a potentially dangerous camper hotspot. Finally, the close proximity to the RA just sounds rather frightening - conversely, players might bait enemies into travelling here only to eat fresh slugs for dinner. Oh, and the chain-link pipe floor is not weapon-clipped, so projectiles go straight through it, making for some awkward plays with the RL.

In addition to the weapons mentioned earlier, you can also find the PG in a darkened corridor (IMO a little too dark) and the SG adjacent to a door connecting the RL and LG rooms.

Bots are dandy, and attempt to acquire all of the map's essential toys of destruction.

An aesthetic masterpiece from an accomplished designer makes this more than worth your time and bandwidth - alas, it's weighed down by some possibly serious gameplay-related concerns. Most have a wide margin for error, though - so don't let that stop you from downloading.

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