Dawn of Time
Dawn of Time by Scourge

What we have here is a close cousin to DaEngineer's Shibam, but more open, and more focus of CTF gameplay.

According to the author, the map is inspired by some screenshots of the game Assassins Creed, and he did not make the map straight from imagination. This map seems to take place somewhere in the Middle East, although the skybox with snow and mountains does not quite fit the feel like a hot, hot desert town made of sand.

In CTF mode, gameplay gets a little crazy. When playing the map in said gametype I often had trouble locating the enemy flag carrier as well as my own. I remember the way enemies will jump off of buildings to jump me and my flag carrier while some stay on rooftops to snipe at us.

I felt more at ease in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch because I was not trying to desperately to defend anybody. The BFG is hard to find, but when you get it, you OWN the map. Of course, fighting someone who has a gun like that, is your worst nightmare. This map has all the good weapons! I liked how the bots behave the same way as described in CTF, much like enemies did in COD MW2 when you fight in a similar setting.

Also to note is that I thought some of the jump pads were defective somewhat, since if you do not jump on an accelerator pad the right way, you do not get where you need to go. In CTF, they can get in your way when you are trying to get the enemy flag to your base.

Worth a good look. Download now!

Reviewed by KommissarReb (SW12)

Missing texture patch: Thanks to Mapsking for putting together a patch file to correct a missing texture for this release. 28th Apr, 2020.

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (19 votes)

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