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Dawn of Time
=================== QUAKE III ARENA MAP Map version: beta3 =================== Map name: Dawn of Time BSP name: dawnoftime Mapper: Viet "Scourge" Nguyen email:**email removed** Bot support:yes Suggest players: The more the bloodier! (4-8 players) Gametypes:DM TDM CTF custom textures:yes My own textures: One lowsy jumppad with a hand-drawn arrow thingy! Build time:1 and a half week from scratch. Compile time:I'm impatient so I only did a fast vis which took only less than a minute compared to more than 3 hours long with full vis. =================== Description //2008 This map was made rather spontaneously due to the fact that I was rather bored and had been absent in the mapping scene (for almost 8 months). Quake 3 as we all know was and still is a great game not only to play but to be viewed as an art :D. Just conjure up something cool in your head and then go straight to the "well-oiled toaster oven" to bake up a good map! Anyways, I created this map NOT straight out of imagination but with the help of some screenshots of the game "Assassin's Creed". Yup, my last map was inspired by the world of another game and this one is too! As for the looks and flow, its for you to decide! I would really like some feedback so I can improve on this map! If you know something that could improve gameplay/visuals tell me and I try to do my best! Also, if you want to edit my map then please contact me first and I'll send you the .map file! Please credit me and the people below should you re-release it! //2011 Dear quakers, I have kept this map on my shelf to gather dust for 3 years, and now its time I decided to release to the community. This map never made it to the end, but this is also why I have included in this pk3 the map file of this map. If any1 has time to recompile it feel free to do so. Dawnoftime, I now officially disown you ;) Cheers! =================== Installation Put the map-dawnoftime.pk3 into your Quake 3 directory/baseq3 folder. Load up the map via console: /map dawnoftime =================== CREDITS Once again, without the help of these people, my map wouldn't have got completed: Mr Todd Gantzler for the cool plant models found at www.katsbits..../maps/kat1024.htm Berneyboy for the cool photorealistic texs found at berneyboy.pla....com/textures.htm Sock for posting the alpha blending tutorial on his website found at www.simonoc.c...es/terrain1_1.htm Sock, once again, for his cool mountain skybox found at his website (above link). dONKEY for his jumppad shader that I "borrowed" without his permisson which can be found in his map onelasttime "dk-olt" (sorry :( ) Also cgtextures.com for a HUGE collection of real life- hiRES textures! =============KEEP ON FRAGGIN' GUYS!=================
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