Dark Void - Extended
Dark Void - Extended by sst13

Dark void is a DM, TeamDM and CTF space floater for 6 - 12 players with support for Team Arena as well! The entire map is shrouded in a black fog limiting visibility severely. The map is six large platforms arranged in a hexagon. Three belong to each base with the flag on the center platform in each base.

There is full connectivity between the platforms; one can make a complete circle via jump pads. There is also a raised part of the platforms making for some vertical gameplay. The raised parts are connected by jump pads and stepping stone platforms, but you can not make a full circle without going to the bottom level. The platforms to the left of the flag on each base are connected by a teleport.

The map looks okay and the black fog is cool touch. The texture are all well aligned.

The gameplay is affected very much by the fog; without it you would be able to easily see and shoot across the entire map. I feel it might be slightly too dense? But it creates some interesting situations. For example when you are chasing another player and he goes off a jump pad, it is still possible to shoot him in the air even when you cant see him.

Overall an interesting map with okay gameplay. Definitely not for everybody but some people might keep it for a while.

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Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (6 votes)

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