Bloodfactory by Kaffeewunder

Kaffewunder has yet again created such a beautiful masterpiece which has had a lot of hard work and effort put into. Bloodfactory, the name just rings in my head telling me that there will be lots of blood when in fact there was not as much as I thought there would be. The dark red brick textures gives the map a smooth solid look making it look pretty cool in Gameplay. The lighting let me down a bit due to the fact it was pretty dark in some areas which should of had a bit more light.

Bot play is pretty good especially with 4 bots since more havoc and chaos will be caused. Finding bots in the map is pretty tough since it is fairly big and also lighting is pretty dark too so watch out behind you because bots on Hurt Me Plenty mode will not give up. The maps atmosphere is quite mysterious, with a real blood feeling to it.

The item placement could of been improved a little, for example; The MegaHealth was put above a platform where anyone can access it at anytime. I suggest that it should of been put in a high surface area or a secret area.

There are a few teleporters in the map, which are similar to ones used in Q3CTF4. The map could have easily support another and this may have helped speed up the gameplay and game flow between areas.

The glass walkways are a little weird. At some points you would think your walking in the air since the platform is made out of glass and you can not see any surface. It actually did get me hyped a little since I thought I was glitching but I eventually found out.

Yet again Kaffeewunder has proved that he can create such wonderful maps and it is a map I would put in my Hard Drive, even with the few nitpicks I have. Download it Now!

Reviewed by FragTastic

Missing textures? Mapsking has sent in a small patch file that will correct the missing textures. 15th Sept, 2019

Ranked: 3.4 out of 5 (5 votes)

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