The City of Per-Ramses
The City of Per-Ramses by Darth Blade

The size of this map is quite big (about 10MB). I remember the map having bad framerates, but I should probably just blame that on my ISP.

Onto aesthetics. When I first spawned into this map, I tried to go to the beach, but sadly I could not. I liked how Darth Blade made the beach, thought it was clever. What I thought wasn't was a break in the ground not far from where I spawned, that opens literally, out of the map. Also I had a nit-pick about missing textures. Such as the desk of the one office, you will know when you see it, as well as some torches (unless that was a intentional texture). Although, on the other hand I liked how he made Teleporters, shaped like pyramids, that are labelled telling you where they go. There are also water textures in some fountains that do not function as water! It's just static.

Not much to say for gameplay. Personally, I highly dislike the Quad in a map like this. Close quarters combat with THAT power-up should have an extra copy of this map labelled: "NO Quad YAY :D". In contrast, I liked the Flight power-up due to flying over everything, then finally landing on top of a building, or obelisk, and sniping away at everyone.

There are Egyptian houses here. Darth Blade has made them open doors that have a wall keeping you from going inside so when I try to sneak into a house for cover, I end up looking stupid breaking into a house that doesn't feature an inside. You can argue that this may be for file size reasons, but if you are going to do THAT, you may as well have made doors that do not open as a better lame excuse as to why you can not go in them (all in my humbly-bumbly opinion :P)

The Team Deathmatch feature is a good thing, as my second favourite gametype. You will likely get lost in this big map with your bot-buddies, and probably use your walkie-talkie (or whatever you use) to round 'em all up.

This map is quite good, but Darth Blade can still give this one a polishing to cause me to eat my own nitpicks.

Reviewed by KommissarReb (SW12)

Patch file: Mapsking has put together a patch file that corrects a few missing textures for this release. (17th Mar, 2024)

Ranked: 3.4 out of 5 (7 votes)

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