Tortured by thefury

This is a very good map. The name of the level fits perfectly into the dark atmosphere. There is fog everywhere and there is not much lighting. The textures fit perfectly into the theme.

The gameplay is good.

The only thing I did not liked are the jumppads. They broke the atmosphere a little as they are too colorful. This is not a big problem however and does not distract you from the fun :)

I think this is a keeper, download it!

Reviewed by RedOne

Second opinion

You have to wait longer these days to see a good map being released. It is even better when the map can show how much mapping has progressed over the years. It is nice to see well known mappers from the past popping out of the wood work every once in a while.

Tortured by thefury has a real world feel to it, and it kind of made me feel like I was playing a different game that had nothing to do with a Deathmatch game. It has a base design with the use of metals, bricks and piping. There are organic and plant textures which come from Sock. I love the rock textures on some of the walls and the floor. There is barbwire on the tops of the walls which also adds to feel of it all.

The air is filled with fog, but it is not over done. I'm not a big fan of fog if it is so thick that you can not enjoy the look of things, so I think that thefury did a nice job on it. The r_speeds are very smooth. Regardless of there being plants in the map, it has an environment that looks very cold. He used textures from Sock, Hipshot, and Lunaran.

The layout and item layout are done very nicely. Some of it was designed for ProMode gameplay. thefury suggests that it can be used for a Team Deathmatch, but I found it to be a perfect Tourney map.

Reviewed by v1l3

Ranked: 4.5 out of 5 (24 votes)

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