Tortured by thefury
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CZghost Rep. 1621
#10   04 Oct 2013
I found some errors when exploring the map. Curve edges are misaligned in some places, some brushes have visible caulk... But the atmosphere is great, gameplay is fast in FFA with more than 4 players :) I would suggest to download this map for fun play with your friends :)
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#9   16 Jan 2012
oO Creepy :). 10/10.
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sum unregistered
#8   22 Feb 2011
Well, I have no clue! Thanks for your kind words.
I think it was my last duel map so far though..
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 2563
#7   17 Feb 2011
Its okay. Needs more cowbell.

Nah, it
s awesome. Now why isn`t id software putting your maps on QL yet?

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gooball Rep. 1081
#6   14 Feb 2011
The first thing I said when I spawned: WOW.
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GuitarMan Rep. 468
#5   24 Jan 2011
Beautiful map. :)
First time I loaded the map on Q3, was just to walk around and watch it.
Then I played and the match was good, it was laggy but that's because my computer is old.

Only issue I found was this HOM effect here (I guess that's what TheMuffinMan is talking about):
on the lower part of the platform, right above the pipes.

By the way, there was some odd stuff going on there: I saw the bots walk from there to the other platform where the red armor is; yes, not jumping, but walking over the air. :o

Anyways, a great map. :)

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spirit Rep. 715
#4   22 Jan 2011
Congrats on this great release! Good gameplay, great theme and atmosphere. 9/10 from me.
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headrot Rep. 148
#3   21 Jan 2011
Another top map frpm thefury - love the theme, scale and layout - nice and tight! Also fun in promode - I give it an 8.5!
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sum Rep. 10
#2   21 Jan 2011
Hey thanks for those 2 neat reviews. :-)
I just want to add one thing: The most textures are made by myself based on photos from
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themuffinator Rep. 1046
#1   20 Jan 2011
A really great map, and it has a superb atmosphere. Well done!

I was going to review it sometime back but it was rather laggy on my PC so it wouldn't be fair to the map to do so. I do remember that there were a couple glitches near the RA though, other than that it's a great piece of work here. 9/10
Edited: 20 Jan 2011 AEST

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