ChiropteraDM by Alcatraz, nunuk & Sock

An excellent map in a Gothic/Egyptian hybrid style (a poor description) with game-play spread over an impressive 6 levels or so. Despite the apparent numbers of levels game play is tight, occasionally frantic and always fluid. This has been achieved by turns being tight, split levels and drop-throughs. Item placement is well balanced, encouraging game play throughout the map. Bots play this map well.

A walk-through of the map gives you time to appreciate the effort that's gone in to architecture with finishing touches everywhere with fluid transformations. Sound effects are in the right places and unobtrusive during play.

The superb atmosphere generated in the majority of the map leads me to the only point where this map could be improved. The basement/cellar area is not as detailed as the rest of the level but this is really only a nit-pick.

An excellent map, one to keep.

Reviewed by sastrugi

Tigs notes: This is a re-textured version of Batcula that has a number of structural changes that increase game play and connectivity.

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (140 votes)

Download: ChiropteraDM by Alcatraz, nunuk & Sock