ChiropteraTA by Alcatraz, nunuk & Sock

ChiropteraTA is a re-worked Team Arena version of Batcula. There are architectural changes from the original that improve connectivity and game play.

The texture set comes from a collection of authors and is primarily an Egyptian theme. Lighting is very blue, almost identical to the original which gives the level and unusual look with the tan and yellow texture colouring.

The Proximity Mines can be put to great use at the top of some of the longer jump pads. The Nail gun is a very strong weapon and dominates a lot of the game play in FFA and Team play matches. Including only one Nailgun and less ammo for this weapon would have been a good choice to help balance the other weapons.

3 on 3 Team Deathmatch games are very good. 4 on 4 Team games are a little crowded but still lots of fun. Bots play ok but can almost always be found in the Regen and Lighting Gun room. For a quick frag camp the upper Nailgun and wait for the bots or players to launch up to you.

The changes from the original are great and the level makes an excellent Team Arena addition. Grab it!

Ranked: 4.6 out of 5 (21 votes)

Download: ChiropteraTA by Alcatraz, nunuk & Sock