You'll Shoot Your Eye Out
You'll Shoot Your Eye Out by Lunaran & KungFuSquirrel

Every now and then a Quake 3 map is released that pushes the idea of Q3 level editing beyond everything else that has been released to date. This is one of those releases. It is very different from anything else you have seen in Q3.

On a technical level, the construction of this release is rather complex. Any mappers wondering just how it was made are encourage to read up on it on both Lunaran and KungFuSquirrel's websites (KungFuSquirrel's site is no longer active).

But always no matter how interesting a release may be the big question is how does it play? Thankfully, the answer is simple - great! It is a total blast to play. Sure it is a Floater but this one stands out in the crowd on many levels. If you throw the CPM mod into the mix, the change in game physics adds even more enjoyment to map.

Grab it - enough said.