The Edge of Forever
by Sock
The Edge of Forever by Sock

Something a little different from the norm, this map proposes a series of challenges through what must be described as a true masterpiece of a map. The architecture is brilliant, textures are as good as you could possibly get and the level of detail is just mind-boggling. Specially-made sounds are included and the lighting sets the mood nicely. As you can expect from the screenshots, this map requires quite a powerful rig to run smoothly.

Instead of the usual multiplayer mayhem, this map takes you into a single-player, Gothic/fantasy type world where your objective is to work your way through the place finding 10 skull buttons to shoot in order to open an entrance to another world. Expect numerous switches to push and sequences to crack in order to progress through the game.

The amount of work that must have gone into making this map and the tedious amount of beta testing it has gone through are commendable. Sock has truly gone to great lengths with this one. It would be great to see an entire mod made for this as I think that the vanilla Q3 lacks the extra game elements that could be employed in future.

As someone who pays attention to every last detail, I can honestly not find any issue with this map at all. Download and keep in a safe place!

- TheMuffinMan

Tigs notes: You need to be running version 1.32 of Q3A for this map to work. You can download version 1.32 (final) from the Essential files for Q3A.

Ranked: 4.9 out of 5 (39 votes)

Download: The Edge of Forever by Sock