1961 by vnekOnator

Map description: It is space map with one closed room, slime (!), and all weapons.

Well this author likes to make it simple just like his previous maps. This time it's a space map with a few platforms and 2 teleporters with a power up next to them.

A big room in the middle with slime and of course it's full bright The bots fall to their death... without a falling sound... a lot especially when they spawn on top of the middle room.

Gameplay is just a matter of either camping the rail platform or inside the room. All the weapons are available and the grappling hook! Which is odd since this is a space map. Also the jumpad on the rail platform needs some adjustment...(some times goes sideways).

You may get a few rounds out of it, but the BFG is overkill on such a small map.

Reviewed by Incognito

Ranked: 1.2 out of 5 (15 votes)

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