Map themes/settings that were probably never done in q3
Started by leilei
leilei Rep. 343
#1   21 Sep 2015
What are some?

I can only think of underwater bases, hot springs/bathhouses, a bladerunnerish neotokyoish (NOT MATRIXISH) city and a big moving boat/ship/hovercraft on the water (a themed void map)

KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2210
#2   22 Sep 2015
I had a list of ideas at one point that I wanted to see incorporated, but never done (or never done the way I was hoping)

#1: Moonbase on Titan: Imagine a Doom 3-eque facility on Titan that has airlocks that feature hazard suits you pick up if you are to venture out into the rocky landscape pelted by methane rain, while you walk about on a planet that has mountains, methane rivers and lakes, and a sky with Saturn and it's other moons. Oh and make it so that when you go outside there is an enviromental hazard like slime or lava so the battle suit works. It would be like going outside but you have limited oxygen. Maybe make the map symmetrical with two of these facilities for CTF?

#2: Gas mine on whatever gas Giant planet of your choosing: Maybe its been done before, but I'd like to see this; A facility with airlocks (with similar concepts to the Titan Moonbase idea above) but the whole outside area of the floating facility is enveloped in fog of orange/red/yellow/green/blue (whatever color you'd think be the most fitting). There would be an inside to the facility, and it would either be like an outpost or a colony.

#3: Bikini Bottom from Spongebob Squarepants: This was done in a map from a map pack for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. As of a few months ago, the original link is now broken :(

#4: Space Battle: This has been done, but not my way. How about two ships actively firing on each other with Rocket and Plasma shooter entities for the weapons (players can go to a part of the bridge to fire upon certain points on the enemy ship and do "damage").

The ships would be separated from each other, and you can only get to the other via a transport that you get into, that will only move if a person goes inside and presses a button. Since you can't "fly" it, maybe have a model of a character sit in the pilot's seat? may be ideal for CTF and TDM games.

#5: A Waterworld-like planet: Like in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, remember the planet Kamino? I think there is an actual planet similar to it in real life, except the entire planet is made of water (core is made of water turned into Ice 7 out of sheer crushing pressure). You could have a floating facility on the planet, but if there's no rain it may resemble Hibernia too much.

Its hard to think of anything original anymore now that just about everything has already been done.

Tig Rep. 1224
#3   22 Sep 2015
Underwater base:
- Under Water by T-kölök -
- Beneath the Waves by Wakey -
- Grim Shores 3 ~ Atlantis by Sir Fragalot -
- The Flooded Base by heXum - - (A "Space" skybox is used, but I'm pretty sure it was meant to be underwater)
- God Of Emptiness by RRROOOAAARRR - - (It is a "void", but could have been underwater)

Boat, Ships, Trains, etc:
- Skylancer by Priv -
- Xpack by XaleX -
- MeatPak Two by MEAT -
- railroad by Jon -

I could have easily missed some maps with the originally suggested themes :]

KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2210
#4   24 Sep 2015
God Of Emptiness actually did take place on a gas giant planet. According to either the Readme or one of RRROOOAAARRR's comments it was some alien structure floating above a gas giant with a methane atmosphere.

I suppose one of the ideas I listed was done in a way, but not really what I had in mind. But the fact that someone did it is still pretty cool.

cityy Rep. 325
#5   27 Sep 2015
Underwater base:

Not to forget Lost at sea by Kaz:

Blood Rep. 334
#6   20 Oct 2015
The Simpsons Map seems to be very popular because 1)known/popular theme, appeals to lots of people 2) Layout of the house and i imagine the town is like you'd see in the show, so thats interesting for players to explore.

I suggest picking something like or maybe something from Star Craft. Like a protoss carrier or main terran fortress, etc.
Maybe a small town/city map based on Tristram from diablo 3? Theres lots of really popular themes to borrow from.

Martinus Rep. 562
#7   20 Oct 2015
I tried to make wow or wow based maps in the past using the (modified) game materials (textures, models, etc...), but I had to delete them, because of copyrights. :(
leilei Rep. 343
#8   21 Oct 2015
I don't think an amusement park was done. (because of the high amount of overdraw needed)

Edited 40 seconds after the original posting.

KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2210
#9   21 Oct 2015
@leilei: Actually it was, and it took me over an hour to find it on Worldspawn again (couldn't remember the name >.<).

The quality may be questionable for a map released in 2008, but its the only map of its' kind as far as I'm aware of. It doesn't have bot support, but I was able to have fun with my brother and some friends in the Hunt mod together.

Martinus Rep. 562
#10   21 Oct 2015
You have the ability to make one if you know how to make maps.
leilei Rep. 343
#11   23 Oct 2015
That's a given. I do know how to use QuArK and can't seem to learn Radiant no matter how I try, so i'm kind of creatively bottlenecked.

I did actually try to map an onsen twice. I can't even make a simple beach ctf map without huge technical issues like missing faces and the bot compiling messing up.

leilei Rep. 343
#12   17 Feb 2016
Was an arcade ever done? Maybe one combined with a rollerskating rink/lasertag area, with maintenance catwalks for more interconnectivity...

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