Under Water
Under Water by T-kölök

The overall theme and idea of this release is strong - an underwater base of some kind. The layout is also working well. Sadly, that is about all however.

Technically, the map is a "boxed" map. This means entire level is drawn on each frame which in turn leads to lag at a few points in the map. This is because the level contains a leak and this technical issue should really have been fixed before it was released.

The next problem is there is no lightmap. This issue causes the entire level to be full bright. This makes things very hard on your eyes. In case that was not enough, there are a few missing textures too.

Interestingly, and surprisingly bots still play the map well. They do seem to focus around the main room and the corridors off of it, but are otherwise moving around and fighting.

Personally, the author should jump on the Quake3World forum and ask for help. They clearly have some skills and a good idea on what is required to make a fun map, but the author just needs a little help with the technical issues.

With the issues fixed this would have been a good map but in its current state - skip it.

Reviewed by CZghost with some heavy editing by Tig.

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: Under Water by T-kölök