God Of Emptiness
God Of Emptiness by RRROOOAAARRR

A surreal and sculpted terrain formed from curving, blade-like growths that warp and fracture out into the abyss. The entire realm is wreathed in blue methane fog, giving it an almost underwater ambience. You will need a high end machine to do more than appreciate the scenery. Game play is better than expected, lack of visibility imposes a certain predator mentality on the game play and its very satisfying to spot an enemy through the haze and snipe them with the Rail Gun. The position of the Teleport Rune on the end of a spike is so precarious that you often up using it to save you from yet another plunge into the blue.

Negotiating the uneven terrain is a constant demand on attention and occasionally it thwarts your progress with an unexpected drop or obstruction. A few points between the upward vaulting arms and the adjacent flooring regularly trap the bots. My only quibble with the aesthetics was the triangular teleporters which stand out amid the otherwise curvaceous design. The authors first map for Quake 3 it is ambitious and memorable.

Worth a tour of the beautiful and bizarre, but only high end systems will be able to play.

Reviewed by Kell

Update - A simple patch is available that will allow this level to be loaded from the in-game menu. Grab it here. (14th Nov, 2001)

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (55 votes)

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