Space Jam 2
Space Jam 2 by }{ammer

An unconventional map based on q2dm1, its technically a space map, but it feels and plays more like a low-altitude FFA map with the roof missing. The layout is heavily dependant on jump pads and stairs. None of them actually produce large altitude changes, they serve more to allow access to ledges, pits and mezzanines. Navigation is rapid, and there is some tactical potential to be exploited once the layout is learnt. All the usual weapons are present, except the Lightning Gun. A particularly odd placement is the MegaHealth that floats between trimrails. It's a tricky acquisition, the one most likely to result in falling.

The build quality of the map is good, using many of the pale gray mechanical textures common to space maps complemented with more complex details. I did find some of the stairs badly constructed, the exposed sides lack any kind of trim and the brushes in some flights do not overlap. Metallic panelling covers the side of other steps, arbitrarily cut at each descending brush. But this is probably a mapper's quibble, and the effect on game play is precisely zero. Shaders are used extensively giving the map a high tech veneer. Some item-marking textures are used as decoration, which confused me for a while as I kept waiting for weapons to spawn on them. Bots play the map just fine, though they're more easily outmanoeuvred than outgunned and they never go for the MH. They fall rarely.

Unconventional but playable. Worth a look.

Reviewed by Kell

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (21 votes)

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