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OverKill unregistered
#14   21 Nov 2001
Nice one again }{ammer you are my faverite space mapper, i do like your first one better but this one still rock, keap up the good work dude...:)
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Octovus unregistered
#13   20 Nov 2001
Hey it has a score of 9.33 right now }-{ammer!

The one thing I popped in here to say was, we don't have all day to play them either. I'm not even trying to compare playing to making; doing any sort of mapping is an art, I've tried my hand at it and done ok, but no where near anything worth releasing.

I'm just saying the reviews can't all be positive because then they wouldn't help us, there's usually a tutorial site/forums (q3w is great) that are more suited to that. Though of course this review wasn't actually soooo negative certainly, and it is a really nice map, so I'm not suggesting you need a tutorial!

Um, where was I going? Oh yes. You mentioned a Half-Life singleplayer review. I think those have even more right to be harsh. There are so many people playing that game, so many people making mediocre mods, and so many maps you can grab...unless you have all the time in the world, you could spend most of your gaming time playing nothing but great ones. If you choose to play ones that aren't in that top par, I respect the choice - and it's one I try to make myself, giving positive feedback and criticisms after when I can - but it is a choice.

Hope I haven't offended anyone...


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Tyre unregistered
#12   20 Nov 2001
Well, whatever. I found this the most enjoyable new map I've downloaded in a long time. The gameplay is really good. This is a real keeper as far as I'm concerned - play and play again.

Congrats to }{ammer.

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}{ammer unregistered
#11   19 Nov 2001
yeah I am not really mad or bent out of shape, I just think it was a bad choice of words. Anyway neither here nor there, there is always room for improvement, I know all of my maps could use it, I guess I just think the good stuff was failed to be mentioned. Like my item placemnet etc etc, which I think was very good. I think the review was pretty positive. But I wasnt speaking on just my map either, that is why I had to wait a day or 2 to respon, becouse I had to set back and think it over. Anyway enjoy the map :)
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pjw unregistered
#10   19 Nov 2001
Yeah, I know why you made it slick. It's still sadistic. :)

My $0.02 re. the review: Reviews are usually not "good" or "bad", but simply more or less objective and informative, and are always the opinion of one person (or a small group of people). There are always other people out there who will disagree.

I don't know that I would have called the stairs "badly constructed" . . . but they are a bit odd-looking. Anyway, that's beside the point. The point is that I believe that most people who visit this site use the reviews as a guideline rather then some sort of gospel truth, and your review was (again IMO) pretty darn positive.

Instead of letting yourself get bent out of shape, howzabout putting that energy toward making another map? :)

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}{ammer unregistered
#9   19 Nov 2001
Oh and about the slick top :), That was to keep people from camping on the top of it :), as it is easy to get up there rocket jumping. :)


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}{ammer unregistered
#8   19 Nov 2001
Hi all. Like to say thanks to pjw for the positive feedback. And The other as well. I typicaly post somewhere in the coments of my maps. But I waited a few days this time, as I wasnt really happy with my review. I really didnt like it when kell used the term "badly constructed" for the stairs. I realize this is his opinion, and he is very well entitled to it. But those words stick out more than any to me. And I think it doesnt give the map a good review. Sometimes I think review sites just review so many that maps become stale, and it is hard to say anything good. Becouse not only my map, but others as well have reviews that I don't think fits them. I know I am proabably taking it a little to much to heart. But sometimes I think these people forget who make these maps, it is ordinary people. Sure i would like a studio with 10 employees to make a killer mod with, but the fact is it is just me. I enjoy editing. But the fact is that I do have a wife, fulltime job, and friends family, and many other things to spend my time on. I cant set at the computer for days on end. I squeez it in in my spare time. And other points in my readme seemed to have been missed. The file was intentionaly kept small. It is less than 1 megabyte. And it has bot support, custom shader, and scripts to show up in the menu. I did all that and kept it under a meg. That isnt an easy task, and trying to make the map as fun as possible. I guess I just think that using the term "badly constructed" just sint right, anyone who may be interested in downloading it, is going to see that and think....ahhh skip it. And frankly the are made exactly the way I wanted them. It implies I didnt know what I was doing, but actually I know exactly what I am doing, and that is exactly the way I wanted it. It is just a matter of preference. Anyway I am not going to ramble about the review any longer, it is futile anyway.

pjw glad you enjoyed it, I really thought this would be a standout map, just becouse of the gameplay. I worked hard on it. You can visit my site at www.twistedpolygon.com and see some more of my work, and exactly how this map was made. And lots of cool pics I made there, using my levels.

And lastly poor reviews are not just from this site, or my work either, currently I am working on a HL singleplayer mission, my first one too. I looked into some HL websites, and found one that did reviews, I downloaded a file that they didnt particuarly give a good review. And I was shocked when I played it. It was awesome, and the author had spent alot of time and effort on it, just to get a slack review. I personaly wouldnt have downloaded it based on the review, but I wanted to see specifiaclly how it compared to the review, and needless to say there is no comparison. The maps rocked.



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pjw unregistered
#7   19 Nov 2001
Geez. Bitch, bitch, bitch. I think I'll try something novel and talk about the map. :)

I don't normally like space maps very much, but, shockingly, I'm actually going to keep this one. I don't know that I'd go quite so far as to stack it up against Q2DM1, but it's a damn fine little map. The mega placement is excellent, the overall build quality is quite nice, and the gameplay is quite good!

Very minor quibbles: Some trim around some of the weapons markers and such would have been nice to disguise the texture misalignments (even though they were subtle), I would have appreciated a couple more shards in the tunnel, and making the top of the map slick is just downright sadistic. :) (I told you they were minor.)

Download this thing people! You'll like it!

An 8 from me.

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Octovus unregistered
#6   15 Nov 2001
Blah. Go be a lawyer, don't waste your time posting here SKE; you'll make more money the other way, trust me.


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Kell unregistered
#5   15 Nov 2001

geez, everyone's a critic.

Just download it, ffs.

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SeeKnowEvil unregistered
#4   15 Nov 2001
"...once the layout is learnt."


Is that like "Learn't", or to Learn Not. Like in English? Like "Weren't"? Or, is it like another word I've never read or heard before. Geeze.

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Octovus unregistered
#3   13 Nov 2001
Yes well...it may be, but flaming them doesn't do any good, does it? Take your business to some other review site if you hate Fileplanet. If Lvl is still the best, then that's all there is to it: You can't have your cake and eat it too. Nothing is perfect. I don't deny that Fileplanet is far from it, but people can't just keep giving things away for free in this economy. Sign up for a personal server, if you like. Or stand in line and bitch about it like every other idiot - I stand in line and just keep my mouth shut cause I'm not a godamned paying customer, and I know it.

And other than that, life is peachy.


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FFS!!! unregistered
#2   13 Nov 2001
yeah ive got a comment: fileplanet sucks ass, i wanted to try this map out but fileplanet of gayspy industrys had other ideas. Long live the all seeing eye cos gs is the bane of gamers existance
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FFS!!! unregistered
#1   13 Nov 2001
yeah ive got a comment: fileplanet sucks ass
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