Night of Full Moon
Night of Full Moon by Daemion

A small and close-packed tournament map in a brash industrial theme which offers plenty of vertical action. The layout is centred around a two storey building with short corridors and crates scattered about the ground floor. Textures drawn from the Meatpack 1 and 2 wads and some of Evil Lairs work have been used well. A cohesive design is bolted together form rusted grills, grimy floors and scuffed panelling. The main colour is pale gray and consequently much of the lighting appears overbright.

Items are well balanced across the map, leaving no particular weapon or area as the inevitable focus to be camped. Shallow water, two j-pads and armour shards provide useful audio cues for alert players. A visually indistinct teleporter in the upper storey allows easy access to the roof. The roof is an important location, offering both the Red Armour and a good vantage point for spying on your enemies.

Combat in this map feels like being involved in a high-explosive street brawl; its markedly different from the usual austerity of Rail Gun-and-stealth tournament play. Bots tackle the level with visible competence, moving and attacking from every area of the map. It's unlikely you'll see them make the jump for the MegaHealth, though.

Well worth getting if you enjoy hectic 1 on 1.

Reviewed by Kell

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (6 votes)

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