Xpack by XaleX

Four levels in one pk3, all different, with a few original and fresh ideas. The maps are all pretty small leading to fast 1on1 games. The levels would also work well as RA3 maps. There are some interesting combinations of items which work surprisingly well. X6 is a detailed Gothic box map with much better game play than this layout would lead you to expect. The inclusion of Quad, Regen and Haste seemed weird at first but they are placed in such a way that going for them is a huge risk. X9 takes place on a fighter carrier, complete with three jets and a lot of power ups. The BFG is hidden, but relatively easy to get once you've found it. Xship offers a slight twist on the standard Space Map theme. The battle ground is a space ship and fighting takes place across the wings or inside the galley. It can get a little dark inside. Xbox is not quite a box map, (but pretty close to it), with pretty good gameplay and some nice fast vertical action. This last map has a tech theme with a few coloured lights that comes together well.

Worth checking out, but you may not keep them.

Ranked: 2.4 out of 5 (8 votes)

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