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Pasquake Rep. 100
#10   03 Jan 2011
WTF i don't think it's called xbox due it is a box map... the ship in the screenshot it's similar to the split dragoon; a X2 the threat class M6 ship. The only difference is that the engines are a bit bigger in the game...
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Nitebeat unregistered
#9   29 Jul 2002
I did like x9.. the other levels just didn't work for me.

Xship was way too dark. bots were so-so =-/

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Vortex unregistered
#8   10 Sep 2000
nice 1
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XaleX unregistered
#7   09 Sep 2000
ThanX for your comments,

visit my BRANDNEW Page

www.XaleX.de oh sorry it`s

german, but you find maps under

"Qmaps" and models and prefabs under "Qfiles" quickly.


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Tyre unregistered
#6   04 Sep 2000
Comments on X6 only - Well, this DOES lead to chaotic play! Quite fun, but there are a few elements that grate aesthetically: pentacles don't make good jump pads, and having lava right next to water just looks daft. Also, the map could be lit a bit more brightly.

Bots seem to do pretty well.

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#5   28 Aug 2000
Very original ideas happinin here...in particular the xship map. However, I found xbox to be the best of the bunch (it reminds me of Halven, but with lots of rockets). Unfortunately gameplay with 4 or more players is well beyond "cramped play". The xship map is just too small for a good brawl (having to gingerly jump down to grab the PT just doesn't fit when yer runnin around fast n furious) although firing rockets and plasma at the ship in front is cool. I'll give you a ten for originality and modelling the xship but gameplay just wasn't there for me. I give the pack a 5
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Deserto8-Sweden unregistered
#4   27 Aug 2000

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tha K unregistered
#3   26 Aug 2000
not a bad mappack, very original. shame the ideas are only good untill they get moulded into a game engine... maybe these maps could do with alittle rework as q3a-cstrike maps or something like that? cux theyre not rteal good for basic q3 dm
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#2   26 Aug 2000
Is there is bot support, sorry we left it out of the review (don't know how that happend!)
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nnc.Fork unregistered
#1   26 Aug 2000
I just wanna ask a question: Is there a Bot support?

Thanks for answering =)

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